Cecilia's Doppies was founded in 1984 by Cecilia Hübner. She began with a small home-based bakery to deliver 400 tart shells per day. The demand for these high quality tart shells grew rapidly through word-of-mouth and by 1987 she baked 1200 shells per day.

Her lifelong love of fine food and baking developed into a successful business which was sold in 2006 to daughter-in-law, Liza Hübner. Today, Cecilia's Doppies operates from a fully operational bakery in Krugersdorp, delivering on average 30 000 pastry shells per day. Baking of the cream horns is sub-contracted.

We supply pastries to many of Gauteng's finest hotels such as the Emperor's Palace. Furthermore we also supply many home industries with our pastries for over 20 years and three agents buy from our bakery.

Cecilia's Doppies in all its business channels never compromises on quality, freshness and customer satisfaction, which is the key to our success. We are committed to preserving the integrity of the "old fashion" family bakery.
Interesting facts
Price of shells in 1984:
Price of flour in 1984:
Price of margarine in 1984:
Nr. of units baked in 1987:
Nr. of units baked in 2006:
Nr. of employees in 1984:
Nr of employees in 2008:
R3 per bag (100 shells)
R15 per 25 kg
R25 per 25 kg
20 000

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